Android Apps Spotlight: Game Review of Cheese Tower

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Android Apps Spotlight reviews Cheese Tower - a physics based puzzle game for android. The game comprises of a tower made of yellow and grey blocks - yellow are cheese blocks and grey are mice blocks. The objective of the game is to get rid of all the gre

What is Cheese Tower all about?

Cheese Tower plans to bring back the age-old rivalry between cats and mice, in the form a physics-based puzzler. Jimmy, a retired military cat, now responsible for guarding cheese, spots a few mice sneaking some. So, he sets off, using his cunning abilities, to save the day (or the cheese)!

Set in a world where mice can shape-shift to look like blocks of cheese, Cheese Tower's gameplay is slightly similar to that of Jenga-tower stacking, only in this game, you don't replace the blocks on top of an unstable tower.

There are two kinds of blocks: yellow - cheese blocks, and grey - mice blocks. The objective of the game is to get rid of all the grey blocks, while saving as many of the yellow ones as you can. Lose three cheese blocks, and its game over!


The controls are pretty simple: all you have to do is tap on the grey blocks to remove them. Once you have done that, you have to wait for the tower to re-stabilize and then make another move.

Different levels have different shaped blocks stacked in different formations. In all, Cheese Tower offers four game modes/level packs:

  • Kid: Kid is the simplest of all level packs. The first level starts off with a short, introductory back story. The first few levels have simple square grey and yellow blocks stacked in different formations. As you progress, the difficulty increases when blocks of different shapes and sizes are introduced. In all, there are 25 levels in Kid, with 75 blocks of cheese to save. Collect 30 and you can unlock the next level pack - Normal.

kids on cheese tower

  • Normal: In normal, apart from a higher difficulty level, a new element is introduced - the ice cube. Tapping on the ice cube freezes time (usually for a second or two), during which you can remove as many blocks as you can. Again, you get 25 levels in all, with 75 blocks of cheese to save. Save 70, and you can unlock the next level pack - Expert.

normal on cheese tower

  • Expert: In expert, the difficulty level is kicked up a few notches higher - in the sense that, in each level, there are fewer blocks of cheese, so you can take lesser risks. Apart from the ice cube (introduced in the previous level), another new obstacle is introduced - a static box/frame/shelf. It remains fixed to the wall behind, and it diverts the falling blocks away from the platform underneath. While in some cases, it might help by balancing the tower above it; on others, it makes the gameplay considerably difficult. Again, 25 levels and 75 blocks of cheese to save. Save 120 (in total), and you'll be on the last level pack - Insane!

expert on cheese tower

  • Insane: In insane, a brand new and very different element is introduced: a disco themed block, which brings unexpected twists. As you tap on it, it can take any shape - can become either one of more cheese blocks, one or more mice blocks, or a combination of the two. If you repeat the level, the result will not be the same i.e., tapping on it changes it differently every time. Paired with the elements from the previous levels, it makes the gameplay extremely tough, and equally interesting.

insane on cheese tower

The newest update brings a new, St. Patrick's Day level pack, with 25 more levels.

Why should you play Cheese Tower?

1. Cheese Tower's simple gameplay makes for a very addictive gaming experience. The difficulty slowly progresses, so it keeps the player hooked.

2. The physics is pretty accurate. Also, on some levels, where you need to move quickly to save the cheese blocks, the game slows down for you, so you can make your move.

3. The different elements introduced on different level packs add a welcome touch to the overall gameplay.

4.Once you use your collected cheese to unlock a level pack, your account doesn't get voided. You just have to collect the difference between what you have, and what is needed, to unlock the next one.

5. If you need another reason to play this game, it is totally free on Google Play!

What needs to be improved?

1. Cheese Tower gives its players, a very little margin for error. Make one wrong move, and your tower will be down in no time. It adds to the overall difficulty of the gameplay, but on some levels, it gets irritating!

In short, Cheese Tower is not for impatient gamers as you may have to wait for sometime till the tower recovers its equilibrium to make your next move.

App Details:

Developer: TerranDroid

Android Requirement: 2.0 and up

Current Version: 2.1

Price: Free

Download: You can download this app from Google Play here: Cheese Tower

Android Apps Spotlight’s Verdict on Cheese Tower:

In all, Cheese Tower is an extremely fun game to play that will keep you booked for sometime. The simple gaming style, the accurate physics, the different elements - all add to the gaming experience. As an added bonus, the game is totally free on Google Play, with no hidden conditions!

But this game isn't for someone looking for a fast-paced gaming experience. You have to be really patient till the tower settles to make your next move.

Considering all this, Android Apps Spotlight gives Cheese Tower an 8/10.


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