Daycare Laws in Oklahoma

Laws regarding daycare centers in Oklahoma

Daycare centers, also called child care centers, supervise children outside of their homes. Oklahoma daycare laws are put in place to ensure the proper care and protection of children while they are at daycare. The Oklahoma Department of Human Services requires daycare centers to be licensed if they are open more than 15 hours per week or longer.


Records of all children admitted to Oklahoma daycare must be kept at the center, available to all staff members during regular business hours. The records must be kept up to date and include name of the child, date of birth, names of parents, home address, employment information for parents and telephone numbers. There must be an alternate emergency contact listed in the records, a written authorization to transport the child if there is a medical emergency, name of people authorized to pick up the child from daycare as well as medical information. Attendance records that have the child's arrival and departure times must be kept on file for at least 120 days, even if the child is no longer attending the daycare.


Every daycare center in the state of Oklahoma must have certain information posted where staff, parents and others can easily see them. The items that must be posted include the name of the person responsible for the daycare center when the director is not available, written notice of the obligation to report suspected child abuse or neglect, notice that there is no smoking allowed, emergency procedure, evacuation plan, weekly food menu as well as the center's valid license or notification that the daycare was denied for a license or that it was revoked.

Policy and Procedure

A written notice of the daycare center's policies and procedures must be made available to parents and employees. The policies and procedures must include ages of children accepted at the daycare, business hours, location and accessibility of the licensing compliance file, discipline, illness and injuries, receiving and releasing a child from the center, field trips, transportation and medication. Oklahoma daycares must also have a written personnel policy if they employee more than four staff members. The personnel policy must state the job duties, qualifications, lines of authority, performance evaluations and procedure for termination.

Teen Aides

Teen aides may work or volunteer at Oklahoma daycare centers for pay or school credits. The state of Oklahoma requires that teen aides are not counted towards the staff-child ratio, must be supervised by a master teacher who is at least 18 years old, only two teen aides are assigned to one group of children, be at least two years older than the children in the group, must be easily identifiable with name tags, uniforms or t-shirts and they must never be left alone with children.

Health and Safety Training

When children are in the care of a daycare center, either on or off premises, all staff members must have evidence of first aid and CPR certification from a program or course approved by the Oklahoma Child Care Services licensing department. First aid certification must include training in bleeding, burns, poisoning, choking and injuries from insects, animals and human bites.


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