Foundations of Human Rights

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Today more than ever we are seeing the results of decades of struggle for human rights. Although we have made enormous advances, our struggles to touch all corners of the world still exist. As in the past we continue to unite, looking to make a differen

As inhabitants of this planet, we have struggled for decades ensuring the existent of humanity no matter how small the corner of the world we occupy.  Today, those beliefs have become more prevalent and the human rights movement is sharing a common belief, that we all share the same ideals and treasure the value of life. The need to change how we live is built into the foundations of these movements and messages without boundaries to countries, races, religions and genders. Our voices send these messages into the atmosphere seeking supporters and activists to organize and assemble our given rights for humanity.

The challenge is to share the struggle with each country’s plight to restore, establish dignity and strengthen the abilities to improve lives collectively. Basic human rights are worldly desires that fuel the human rights movement, taking responsibility without fear of repression. The first change happens within the society and region where human rights have been prohibited.

As the population breaks the barriers of the past, the new struggles begin to emerge and time brings forth individuals struggling to implement a way of life. Fairness is no longer just a dream it is a reality and human rights movements is the force pushing towards the future.

In the past these voices may have been silent and today they are being heard matching the faces to the society and the regions. They are the faces in the front position linked arm in arm, committed to human rights movement for their generation, their children and grandchildren’s generation. Human rights movement involves diplomacy and governmental structure, supported by social arrangements and regional state of minds. These are the voices that open the doors of opportunity to our youths offering alternatives to poverty enabling men and women to forge for themselves.

Human rights movement is proof that bonding societies prepare them to face the present and the future, recalling plans and strategies of the past. The struggle of equal rights has a long path dated with each country's history of triumphs and hurdles; cross the world America, Europe and the Far East continue to response to our daily rights as people.  We celebrate National holidays proclaiming the patronage of human rights, acknowledging the past, enticing tomorrow’s visionaries to continue for the future.

As we develop our methods of communications and deliver our messages with technology offering the ability to extent our reach, we touch lives that have been untouchable in the past. From all corners of the world, more and more people are active in preserving and defending human rights.



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