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IncFile vs Nolo vs MyCorporation: Business Incorporation Services Compared

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IncFile is a good choice if you’re not as worried about money and just want to incorporate as quickly as possible. Nolo has a number of fee protections such as their corporate veil package which shields you from $50,000 of personal liability. MyCorporat

Starting a business is often something that can be emotionally difficult even beyond all of the other logistics you have to handle. That’s why there are business incorporation services out there to make this much easier for you. Here are a few such services including a comparison of their features so you can better choose.


IncFile lets you get started with incorporating right from the main page. The “Start Your Company” box lets you choose LL, S-corp, D-corp, or nonprofit for the entity type, as well as for your state. The orange button will send you on your way. The site emphasizes incorporating quickly through the online portal.


  • A+ Rating at the BBB-If you’re going to incorporate your business, it makes good sense to use another business that has the highest of reputations. IncFile has the highest rating possible through the Better Business Bureau in Houston, Texas. The reason for the high rating is that they only had 3 complaints and resolved them all in the last 3 years.
  • Norton and Authorize.net for Internet Security-The “Norton Secured” link at the bottom is clickable, and it will confirm that the site is safe on the day you visit including encryption, malware scans and identity. You can also do this with the Authorize.net seal.
  • Live Chat-This doesn’t appear to always be active, but you can click on the orange bar in the bottom right of the main site to connect to a rep. When they’re not active, you can use this form to easily send a message.
  • Free Registered Agent Dashboard Service for 1 Year-All the plans give you access to the Registered Agent dashboard. This service means that IncFile will use their own address to pick up legal correspondence you get for your business and then send it to you. This is free for a year with any plan, and then $100 after that.


Nolo sells numerous products for legal books, online documents and software, including incorporation materials.


  • Google Trusted Store-Nolo has a 4.7-star rating with Google Trusted from over 1000 real customer reviews. This status also means that Google guarantees up to $1000 purchases and will help if you have any trouble with the store.
  • $50,000 Corporate Veil Guarantee-This doesn’t cost anything extra when you sign up for any plan. This means that if someone tries to sue your company and hold you personally liable, then your “corporate veil” has been pierced and you get up to $50,000 for reimbursement for legal fees.
  • Free Electronic Delivery-After you get the paperwork back from your state; the Online Corporation Package service will send it all to you automatically.

My Corporation

My Corporation also has an option right from the main page for incorporating. You can contact them at 877-692-6772.


  • Free Consultation-The “free startup consultation” button on the right in the main page will let you request some free help if you’re new to starting up a business. You can fill out the form at the bottom of the new page for your name and contact info, and then click “Get Help from an Expert” to get someone to help you out.
  • PayPal Accepted-It’s always nice to be able to use PayPal in addition to the other credit cards for additional security.
  • 9.1 out of 10 on TrustPilot-The site gets good ratings from consumers through over 60 ratings on the TrustPilot service.

Head to Head


Support features for IncFile include the live chat in the bottom right corner and the 1-888-462-3453 number.

Nolo tends to connect you to other sites for packages like Incorperate.com for their “Online Corporation” package. So you may have to use the contact options for that site, but Nolo does have their own as well. You can contact them during business hours on weekdays. Getting there is a bit involved since you have to click “Contact us” in the bottom left corner of the main site, then “Contact us” again on the new page. Then you have to select your topic like “LLC formation,” then you finally get to a page where you can fill out your email, phone and name, but then you have to wait for them to contact you.

MyCorporation has a similar interface for incorporating as IncFile, though it says it takes 10 minutes where Nolo claims it only takes 5. The MyCorporation interface has more options than Nolo including “Benefit Corporation,” and “Professional Corporation” as well as “DBA” for “Fictitious business name.” It does seem like there are more screens and more forms to fill out for MyCorporation as opposed to Nolo. The site also has live chat option available business hours during the week. The orange “Get Help Now” button in the bottom right or the “Live chat” button at the top will get you there.

Overall, Nolo and MyCorporation are similar in terms of how you incorporate from the main page. Nolo gets you through this a bit faster, whereas MyCorporation has more options for guiding beginners.


The pricing for IncFile starts with their “Silver” plan which is $99 plus state fees. This gives you the Registered Agent service for a year which basically means that IncFile will pass on legal correspondence for you. This doesn’t include electronic files from the state though, this is an extra $25 and you can tick off the box during ordering if you go with the Silver plan. It comes free with the Gold Plan, which is $199. The “Platinum” plan is $349 and includes other extras you don’t have to pay extra for like a customized LLC kit. The filing fee is extra for a state like Massachusetts, and costs $520 for $549 total for Silver.

The “Online Corporation” package for Nolo is $99 for the “Starter” plan. The package has everything you need to incorporate including limited liability, company name protection, perpetual business duration, and a $50,000 Corporate Veil guarantee. This site says the filing fees for a state like Massachusetts, for example, is $265 for some reason, which is different than what IncFile says. This makes the cheapest plan $364 including the fees.

You can access basic incorporation through the “Start my Business” on the MyCorporation site. The “Basic” plan is only $89. This includes the articles of incorporation you need. MyCorporation also says that the state filing for Massachusetts is $265 just like with Nolo, so there must be extra hidden fees for IncFile somewhere. They have four plans, Basic, Standard, Deluxe and Premium, all with extra features.

Overall, MyCorporation is the cheapest for basic articles of incorporation filing at $334.


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